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Bathroom Wall Arts and Decor Ideas and Suggestions

in Bathroom Wall Arts


In the past, the toilet and bath is the last place in which you will find bathroom wall art. However, in recent years, bathroom wall art has become an integral aspect of interior design. After all, if the rest of your home has been meticulously decorated, shouldn’t your bathroom be spruced up as well?

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There are certain factors that you need to take into consideration if you are planning to put wall arts in your bathroom. First and foremost among these factors is that the bathroom is a wet environment. Your wall décor should not fade or be damaged by soap, water, and even cleaning chemicals that will be splashed on them. Next, you need to determine the art style that would best match your bathroom fixtures. Some homeowners even want their bathroom wall art to have practical uses.


Obviously, wall arts painted on canvas and other traditional media cannot be used to decorate the bathroom. There are, however, wall arts that have been printed on water-proofed tiles. Tile wall arts can be in single tile prints, with flowers, geometric shapes and abstract designs, or you can have large custom-made tile panels depicting gorgeous landscapes, such as sandy beaches or a tropical rain forest.

Metal Wall Arts in Bathroom

Metal wall arts are a welcome addition to any bathroom. They can be as simple as appliqués which you install on the corners or in key spots on your wall. They can also be large enough to fill a large space, as in the case of tree metal wall arts with lavish branches and leaves. Some metal wall arts even serve practical purposes. There are wall arts which have hooks or bars on which you can hang towels and a change of clothes. Others have special attachments, arms, or sockets that can accommodate lighting fixtures. Just make sure that your bathroom metal wall art is made of stainless steel, aluminum and other non-corrosive material. Or you can have the décor water-proofed and rush-proofed before installation.

Bathroom Wall Arts in Mirrors

One popular type of décor for the bathroom is the mirror wall art. These types of arts create the illusion of space, and it makes a bathroom look larger and more spacious than it is. Rather than hang a regular bathroom mirror, have a large decorative mirror installed directly on the wall. These mirrors may have floral or abstract borders or they have been pre-cut into ornamental shapes. Instead of a full-sized mirror, you can go for decorative mirror wall appliqués which you could alternate with your regular bathroom tiles. With the right lighting, these small mirrors can brighten up your bathroom significantly.
There are many wall arts websites that offer special prints specifically for the bathroom. Check out their catalogs for the many selections that are available, and choose the décor that best matches the style of your bathroom.

Don’t let your toilet and bath just be a room for taking a quick shower and performing everyday bodily functions. Watch it undergo an amazing transformation with a bathroom wall art today!

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