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Kitchen Wall Art – Ideas for Kitchen

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kitchen wall art ideas

Kitchen Wall Art

Of all the main rooms in the home, the center of culinary creativity is undoubtedly the kitchen.

However, because it is a room of work and toil – not to mention food spills and spatters – the kitchen was not commonly considered as important to be beautified or in need of a wall art.

In recent decades, interior designers have successfully proven that the kitchen can be spruced up as well. As homeowners have discovered, a beautifully decorated kitchen not only makes it a pleasant and comfortable place to cook in, it also provides inspiration to the cook himself or herself. One way by which you can transform your kitchen is through kitchen wall arts.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

kitchen wall art

Cooking Wall Art

Kitchen wall arts come in a wide variety of styles and media. Perhaps the most basic theme is cooking art. They usually depict http://wallartideas.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=80&action=editimages of food and ingredients. You can have canvas wall arts with images of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, wine, pasta, or international dishes. For those who want a little décor on their walls near their stoves or sinks, there are tile wall arts, the prints of which do not fade when splattered with water, oil or sauces.

Country Rustic Wall Art

If you prefer something different from traditional kitchen art, but want to retain the homey feel, you can go for country- or rustic-themed wall arts. These arts evoke a feeling of the laidback rural lifestyle. Again, you have tile arts and appliqués depicting rural sceneries, such as fresh fruits and vegetables growing on trees and vines or domestic animals. Popular canvas arts feature rustic images of barns, fertile green fields, and grazing farm animals. Because of these arts, you can create a relaxing, cozy ambiance in your kitchen.

kitchen wall art

Another beautiful rustic theme for the kitchen is the Tuscan style. These wall arts provide an international atmosphere to your kitchen because of their depiction of breathtaking sceneries in Northern Italy, which are largely highlighted by olive green, orange, deep red and purple colors.

Some homeowners are not just satisfied with Tuscan canvas arts. They hire artists to transform entire walls into spectacular landscapes of rolling vineyards with abundant grapes or murals of vineyard workers preparing the grapes to make wine.

Contemporary Wall Arts

For homeowners with state-of-the-art appliances, obviously, the country style may not be complementary. Thankfully, for ultra-modern kitchens, you have contemporary wall arts. These arts can be in the form of geometric shapes or abstracts. You can go for a chessboard scheme or rainbow-colored mosaics and collages. There are also stylish New Wave pop arts depicting Andy Warhol’s famous masterpieces and photographs. To give your kitchen that sleek, futuristic touch, you can select from a wide variety of kitchen metal wall arts. There are even some metal arts that have hooks and shelves from which you can store your cooking implements. Indeed, this is beauty and practicality combined.


If you want to spruce up your kitchen, check out the wall arts sites on the Internet and browse through their catalogs for the various designs that are available to you. Find the décor that complements your kitchen.

Give your kitchen a refreshing new ambience through a kitchen wall art today!

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