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Removable wall art is an ingenious yet inexpensive way by which homeowners can invigorate the interiors of their homes. When you get tired of your removable wall art, you simply peel it off and replace it with a new one. Or you can stick it up in a new location or even store it for future use.

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Also known as “removable wall decals“, the removable wall art is the perfect interior decoration solution for homeowners on a tight budget.

During these hard economic times, very little can be spent on brand new furniture, much more beautiful expensive wall décor, such as paintings, tapestries, and decorative mirrors. Most homeowners make do with the décor that they already have, so that with the passing of time, these decorative pieces become dull and boring. With removable wall arts, a homeowner can purchase limitless designs without having to drain their wallet.

Types of Removable Wall Art

Removable wall arts come in two specific types of backing – opaque and semi-transparent or clear. Opaque-baked wall arts have been manufactured so that design will literally pop off your wall. These wall arts are best used on black or dark-colored painted walls. In contrast, clear or semi-transparent wall arts were made so that the designs printed on them will blend with your wall. These wall arts are best used on white or light-colored painted walls.

How do you apply a removal wall art? For the wall arts to stick better, clean the surface on which you will place them first. Make sure that the wall is completely dry before sticking the wall art. Ask the distributor which wall arts are best for your walls. Some of these are not recommended on porous, brick, cinder, block or textured walls. If you want to remove and change them for new designs, you just have to peel it off your wall gently. If you plan to store your wall arts for future use, simply stick them back on their liners or use wax paper.

Removable wall arts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You have wall art strips for wall and ceiling borders. There are also wall decals to conceal ugly patches. Some removable wall arts have practical uses. For example, wall pockets can be used to hold pens, notes, photos and other knick knacks. You also have attractive “Peel and Stick Mirrors”. For busy homeowners who love to leave notes for family members, you have “Chalkboard and Dry Erase” wall arts. Homeowners who want to cover entire walls can choose from removable wall murals to wallpapers.

Different Removable Wall Art Designs

Check out the various online removable wall art distributors for available designs. There are country and rustic wall arts for that homey feel or abstract and urban chic for more sophisticated interiors. You also have tree, landscape and other gorgeous nature wall arts. There are also seasonal designs for Valentine, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. The kids and teens will also be delighted by the range of wall arts depicting TV and movie stars and cartoon characters.

Discover the beauty and practicality of the removable wall art today!

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