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Tuscan Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

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Tuscan wall art is considered as a type of wall art that is belonging to the rustic or country category. This type of wall art serves to evoke the comfortable and homey ambience that is characteristic of the homes and villas in Tuscany, Italy.


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Tuscan wall arts are characterized by its extensive use of rich warm colors, particularly brick red, gold, caramel, burgundy, teal, peach and olive green. A very popular type of Tuscan wall art is made from terracotta or other pottery materials carved into exquisite shapes, which you can hang in focal places of your home or as decorative embellishments in the corners of walls to hide flaws.

For large rooms, like the living room or dining room, the best Tuscan wall art ideas would be murals, tapestries or paintings of gorgeous Northern Italian landscapes. One of the lavish murals that you can have an artist paint on your wall would depict the lush vineyards and grapes of Tuscany. If you cannot afford the services of an artist, you can purchase a beautiful Tuscan tapestry or, for larger spaces, you can buy multi-paneled Tuscan wall arts. Just simply position the panels on your wall for the best visual effect.

Want to give a rustic feel to your kitchen or dining room? Then go for Tuscan winemaking sceneries. Decorate one entire wall with a happy scene of winemakers pressing grapes in large vats with just their feet. Or you can go for paintings of dark red Tuscan wines being poured out of bottles or served in sparkling wine glasses.

There are also Tuscan metal wall arts available. The most common metal used is wrought iron in antique or polished finish. You can have wrought iron trimmings that are just perfect for providing accents to smaller wall spaces. You can also go for grand metal etchings in intricate designs. Aside from iron, you also have bronze Tuscan wall arts. These are usually in the form of sconces or as decorative metal frames to hold mirrors or ceramic plates.

If you have a rustic style home, you might want to consider decorating it with Tuscan wall arts. Check out online sites and browse through their catalogues for the wall arts that they have available. When selecting these wall arts, keep in mind the interiors of the room where it will be placed. For example, Tuscan wall arts would look exceptionally exquisite in rooms with dark hardwood, dark terra cotta or fieldstone floors. Take note that some sites offer Tuscan wall arts at discounted prices, especially if you want to buy art pieces in bulk. This is true of tapestries, smaller-sized paintings and multi-paneled arts.

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