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Wall Art Ideas for Kids’ Room

in Wall Art for Kids

Wall Art for Kids


Wall art for kids is one fantastic way of getting your children interested in decorating their own rooms. Rather than you be the one to choose the best wall d├ęcor for your child’s bedroom, let him or her decide what’s the best wall art for kids according to their personal tastes and interests. Thankfully, wall art for kids come in a wide range of patterns and designs, so that there is no shortage of great selections to choose from.

Educational Wall Arts for Kids

For Pre-School kids, you might want to nudge them a bit into choosing educational wall arts for kids. A good example would be the alphabet and number wall arts. The letters or numbers can be in pretty fonts or covered in lovely flowers. Some wall arts would have the letters and numbers stenciled so that your child can draw patterns or simply color the inside. You also have wall arts wherein the letters or numbers are being held by cute little boys, girls, animals, or cartoon characters. From these wall arts, you can level up to wall arts that show simple words or phrases.

Boys and Girls’ Wall Art

Because they are now more exposed to the world around them, school children would have varied tastes when it comes to wall arts. Kids who love sports would naturally like to have wall arts featuring their favorite sports stars, like Kobe Bryant and David Beckham. Others would want to experience the thrill of the sport instead by choosing wall arts of great scenes during sports events. Girls, on the other hand, would love frilly, floral patterns in pink or neon colors. They may also put up wall arts of their favorite teen celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner. Some girls choose wall arts of covers from their favorite books and movies, such as Harry Potter or the Twilight saga. A fan of the Narnia movies can cover an entire wall of the lavish movie wall arts depicting the Pevensie children, Prince Caspian and Aslan.

Quote Wall Art

More articulate kids would want to have pretty motivational wall quotes to help them get through school and life in general. A good example is a wall art with the word “BE” at the center and surrounded by the borders by positive attributes such as “Grateful”, “Smart”, “Humble”, “Clean”, “Prayerful”, “True”, “Involved”, “Still”, and “Positive”. A popular wall quote for girls is that famous line from Peter Pan, “all you need is faith, trust, and…a little pixie dust!”

Anime Wall Arts

Kids who love Japanese anime can go for pretty wall art tapestries. These tapestries depict the Naruto, Bleach and other popular anime characters in striking poses and printed out on rice paper or on bamboo slats that have been woven together.

If your child can’t decide on the type of wall art that he or she likes, you can always go for DIY wall arts. You can find many of these “color fill in” wall arts in hobby stores. Or you can let your child surf the web for pictures that he or she likes. Just print them out in large sizes or as collages and mount them on Styrofoam or wood backing.

Wall art for kids are fantastic pieces of art that can not only revitalize your child’s room, but also motivate him or her as well!

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